Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Never Ending Introductions

Today, I started William Shakespeare's The Sonnets, a collection of his sonnets edited by Stephen Orgel with an introduction by John Hollander. I am excited to read the poetry to come, but first comes over forty pages of introduction. OVER forty pages. Seems a *bit* excessive to me, to be perfectly honest, but I am enjoying the background about Shakespeare and the sonnets. Shakespeare's collection of sonnets was published in 1609 and my copy was printed in 2009 by the Penguin Group.

Pages Read: 34 (16.74%)
Opinion thus far: I've finished the short biography about Shakespeare and his texts and am about halfway through the introduction to the Sonnets. While it is very interesting information, it feels never-ending and I wish that I could just get started on the sonnets already!

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