Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Buyers Anonymous

I know that they are far worse things than being addicted to buying books, but it does put quite a dent into my checkbook... I love books! I am a bit obsessed with buying new ones, all the time. I justify this, however, by telling myself about the great deals I'm scoring (saving from publisher's price) and the fact that I will be states away from a Half Price Books while I'm in Orlando, so I better stock up now!

Today was just a small (yet expensive) score:
Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes ($6.99)
Loose Woman by Sandra Cisneros ($4.99)
Elephant Rocks by Kay Ryan ($4.99)
All You Who Sleep Tonight by Vikram Seth ($2.99)

Total: $20.98 (average: $5.24/book, my highest average to date)

Some Data:
Number of books total: 4
Number of books UNDER $10 - 4
Number of books UNDER $5 - 3

Books by Male Authors - 2
Books by Female Authors - 2

Genre: Poetry - 4
Sub-genre: Contemporary - 4

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