Thursday, January 12, 2012

Booking Through Thursday: The Interview, Part II

But enough about interviewing other people. It’s time I interviewed YOU.

1. What’s your favorite time of day to read? I love to read in the afternoon and evening, preferably with a cup of tea. 
2. Do you read during breakfast? (Assuming you eat breakfast.) Sometimes, but it really depends on the book I am reading. 
3. What’s your favorite breakfast food? (Noting that breakfast foods can be eaten any time of day.) I love yogurt! 
4. How many hours a day would you say you read? It depends, but usually about an hour to three hours a day.
5. Do you read more or less now than you did, say, 10 years ago? More, definitely. Seeing as 10 years ago, I was eight. 
6. Do you consider yourself a speed reader? Sometimes, it really does depend on what I am reading.
7. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Invisibility. 
8. Do you carry a book with you everywhere you go? Always. It's a must when buying a new bag. 
9. What KIND of book? Whatever my latest read is, but now it will be a piece of classic literature. 
10. How old were you when you got your first library card? Around three or four years old. 
11. What’s the oldest book you have in your collection? (Oldest physical copy? Longest in the collection? Oldest copyright?) The oldest physical copy is from 1938, The Iliad by Homer. The oldest in my collection is about eight months. The oldest copyright is from 850 BC, The Iliad by Homer.
12. Do you read in bed? Always. (: 
13. Do you write in your books? Definitely! I also underline and highlight as necessary. 
14. If you had one piece of advice to a new reader, what would it be? Be bold, be ambitious with your reading choices...and take your time, don't rush. 
15. What question have I NOT asked at BTT that you’d love me to ask? (Actually, leave the answer to this one in the comments on this post, huh? So I can find them when I need inspiration!) Hmm, I'm pretty new to BTT, so I don't have anything yet!


  1. LOL, yup, I always buy a bag big enough to fit a book :)

    1. I agree completely, it is the number one requirement for new bag buying!!