Monday, January 16, 2012

Love at Second Sight

Finished As I Lay Dying tonight! While at parts it did drag, once I got past the two-hundred page mark, the pages flew by because the plot thickened (and proceeded to wrap up) and the prose was fantastic. The ending was both completely irritating and fantastic. While I flirted with the book the first time around (I read maybe a chapter or so when it was assigned last year in AP English), I loved the book with this attempt. In fact, I loved the book a lot more than I was expecting to.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Particularly people who enjoy the writing styles of Hemingway, Woolf or Joyce - Faulkner strikes me as the perfect mix of Joyce or Woolf's stream of consciousness and Hemingway's abrupt diction.

A little information about my copy of As I Lay Dying:

Pages: 261
Original date of publication: 1930
My edition: 1991 (Vintage)
Why I decided to read: I'm on a classics kick, I remember liking the little bit I read when it was assigned in AP English last year and it seemed to jump out at me from my bookshelf. 
How I acquired my copy: Half Price Books in my hometown, Black Friday 2011

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