Sunday, February 5, 2012

Writings from Orlando

My next read is Writings from Prison, a mix of memoir, short story and poetry by the Irish revolutionary Bobby Sands. Bobby Sands was imprisoned in the H Blocks in Belfast in the late seventies, was elected from prison into British parliament and died on May 5, 1981 while leading a hunger strike. I've read this selection many times before (first time was last May, just around the thirtieth anniversary of his death), but I've never taken to review what I consider to be one of my favorite books. After the first time I read this selection in whole, I've skipped around to the parts that mean the most to me... so this will be the first time that I've read the selection in whole in almost a year. I'm excited to see what I take from it this time around - so much has changed since I first read it. Writings from Prison was originally published 1997 and my copy was printed in 2001. 

Pages Read: 17 (7.11%)
Opinion thus far: First difference from last time I read this selection - I am really enjoying the introductions to his work. When I first read the selection, I rushed through it because I was anxious to get to the "main part", but now that I know more about Bobby Sands and the Blanket protests, I find the introduction adds a little more to the reading experience and gives much needed background to comprehending the works ahead. 

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